Choices – Stories you play: A guide to currencies

Choices – Stories you play: A guide to currencies

Choices – Stories you play is a good game to play and you can play this game anywhere with a stable internet connection. When you’re playing the game then you may be wondering about its great feature that you get along with this game. This is really easy to play the game and you can play this game on your mobile phone. This game comes in so handy and you can play this game on both Android and iOS platforms.

Developed by PixelBerry, this game can be played anywhere and anytime. Developers have made such a cool game which come with such amazing graphics and super cool gameplay which takes up very less space on your mobile phone. Trust me you’re going to love this age and its 3 stories will make you addicted to the gameplay. These 3 stories present in this game are really cool and you can start with any of them.

 The first one is all about romance and getting new dates. You’re going to play the role of a college student and you’ll be getting a lot of dates. The second book is all about theft and thrill where you’re going to play the role of a detective and you’ll be solving different mysteries by reading up the stories and playing in the gameplay. The third one is about playing your own fantasies and playing it with all other means in the game.

These are many things that can be a bit hard and you’ll find it awful when you can’t complete them. So, here we’ve come up with this guide for you to make this game much easier for you guys. So let’s get started –


Diamonds – These are the premium currency that can be a bit hard to earn and Choices Cheats will surely give you a hard time earning these diamonds. In order to earn these diamonds, you’ve to complete more and more chapters and you’ll have to wait a lot for them. When you’re getting into the chapter then there will be some premium chapters that can only be unlocked by using diamonds.

Keys – These are another inexpensive currency yet much needed in order to play better. Keys are used to unlocking chapters and completing a chapter rewards you with diamonds and these diamonds can be converted into keys. So these all are inter-related. So, you’ve to be collecting all this stuff to make a better use of currencies. These can also be earned by watching ads and all which will give you free keys.

Switching Stories

When you’re playing a story and suddenly you get bored of playing the same every day then you’ll need to shuffle the book. Don’t hesitate to do it as this feature is meant to change. Try switching stories every time and you’ll surely get a better result, you can read more about it.

Bottom Line

These all were the most essential tips that can act as a life saver if used correctly. Stay tuned for more such stuff.