Homescapes-A Basic Guide for Beginners

Homescapes-A Basic Guide for Beginners

This game is simulation based with a cool gameplay. This game is available for both Android and iOS Platform, so visit in android store or itunes. This game puts you in-charge to renovate Austin’s house and earn coins by completing levels and different objectives. Coins plays a main role in this game as these coins will help you a lot to decorate rooms and home. Even these coins can help you buy lives when you run out of lives. Coins play an important role in this game so try collecting as many as you can.

You have to make combination in order to complete a level and for that you must know how the gameplay works. We’ve come up with some tips and tricks that can help you understand the whole gameplay. Let’s find out

How Certain Tiles Work

There are many types of tiles in the game and many of them have their own rules for removal. Let’s talk about these different types of tiles-

a.       One of these tiles with a green and bumpy background is carpet tile. These are usually the focus of stage goals. You can do this by matching tiles and these are named as carpet level. You can do this by matching tiles with tiles that are touching the carpet.

b.      This is the same when it comes to power-ups. Like if you use bomb then it will clears the path by removing the tiles whereas rockets will make carpets once it hit a carpet and the tiles after the carpet will become carpets.

c.       Both Cookies and Boxes can be removed by using the power-ups. Power-ups can go through the box and clear the tiles beyond the box. Whereas power-ups can’t go through a cookie and it will travel till a cookie and it will break the cookie once it hits it.

So, what’s the final verdict?

Homescapes game is one the best sources of entertainment, which you can access from the virtual world.  Most importantly, with the growing demand of the Homescapes leads users to face tons of complications. If you are also facing any types of hassles, then you don’t have to be troubled anymore about a thing. All you need to do is read the above mentioned information and become ultimate player from all over the world.  In the nutshell, hope the aforesaid details regarding Homescapes Hack will help potential users out of hard and leads towards success conveniently.