How to accumulate more heroes in Zombie strike?


Zombie Strike game is available to download free and there are many things that you can do. In a real sense, it is more than just shooting and killing. Many different types of weapons and other things are presented in a very good manner. You can also update the team of the superheroes and update their powers. This means that the use of strategies is also possible in it. The next good thing is that you can also use Zombie strike hack tool now which is available free of cost.


Through the Zombie strike hack, it is possible to unlock the doors of the new opportunities. It is important to know the fact that many items, weapons, heroes and other things are locked in the game. In order to gain success, the player is expected to unlock them. For this, there is a requirement of earning different kinds of currencies like gems, gold and EXP points. But earning them through the regular gameplay is not an easy task.

Earning gems and points

Apart from earning the gaming currency, there are some particular things which need your attention in this context. The player must be able to able to handle the various situation in a great manner. There are some very important tips through which you can do it.

Use the quests

To have more exclusive features, the player must be active and take regular part in the quests. By taking many events and unlocking the various stages, you can also get access to many exclusive features that were not available earlier. It will also be enhancing the overall wealth of the player. After winning in the battle there are interesting game rewards to claim for like coins, gems, and EXP point extension. This is one of the most beneficial steps in Zombie strike.

Claim daily rewards

The player must be able to claim the daily rewards. Yes, Zombie strike is giving daily bonus rewarding points. This means that you have to log in to your gaming account on a regular basis in order to earn.  You can also have more rewards with achievements inquests.





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